CPR First Aid AED About Us

At Lifeline Training Resources and www.cprfirstaidaed.com, we are passionate about our mission. We believe EVERYONE should learn CPR. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to make it to a live class, learn via traditional teaching methods or the financial means to pay for training. We love bringing the class to you and making CPR training available to all! From our beginnings of one man at a desk in the corner, to a dedicated team passionate about helping everyone learn CPR, we have trained hundreds of thousands of students all around the world. We are a close team who loves what we do, and we want to make sure everyone who chooses us as their CPR training partner leaves with a great experience.

Jon G

As an American Heart Association trained provider, Jon has been teaching as a CPR instructor since 2008. Originally training in live classes, he trained everyone from foster parents to medical professionals in CPR techniques and methods. As online education became better and more common, he saw the need to bring CPR to those who had difficulty attending or learning in the traditional classroom setting. A pioneer in online CPR training, Jon works tirelessly to ensure all Lifeline online CPR classes are of the same quality or better than a live experience. Although his family jokes that all he does is work, Jon loves to enjoy life on the lake, travel and ride motorcycles. Always adventurous, his next goal is to learn to fly a powered parachute!

Melissa H

Also and American Heart Association trained provider, Melissa works hard as our curriculum developer and compliance coordinator. As standards, methods and guidelines are always being reviewed and updated, Melissa is the one who keeps us ahead of the competition. As a 20+ year educator trained in Special Education, Melissa also develops our course delivery methods to ensure ALL learners of different abilities, types and styles have our content delivered to them in a manner they can learn and retain. Melissa loves to spend time with her kids and grandkids, paddle board every chance she gets and soak in as much sun as possible when not working.

Adrianna B

As a group support specialist, Adrianna ensures all you group needs are met in a timely fashion. She loves the technical aspects. She manages the initial setup of your account, admin and employee support, employee records management, and much more. She is an expert in all areas, so she can fill in for the whole team….She can do it all! Adrianna loves to jet ski, explore the city life and try new restaurants with her husband and new baby.

Bethanie B

As your group account manager, Bethanie specializes in and loves working directly with your group admin contact to ensure your account is always running smoothly for your team. It is her job to ensure you can take care of other things on your to do list. She will keep your account running smoothly and answer your teams’ questions, so you don’t have to! Bethanie loves to fish, duck hunt and spend time with her husband and new baby.

Randall W

As our tech guru, Randall is a lifelong IT guy. Specializing in the technical aspect of our company, the site would not run without him! When we have an idea and put it on paper, it is Randall’s job to make sure it actually works, and he loves his job. From the course delivery you see to the database management you don’t, Randall does it all. 

Nancy B RN

As our resident Medical Director, Nancy oversees all program compliance. She reviews all course content and delivery methods to ensure compliance and regulation requirements are met. When our curriculum developer and IT coordinator update our courses, it is Nancy who has final say. She has been in the medical field for over 20 years and has worked with thousands of families as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. When not working Nancy loves watching her children play sports, spending time with her extended family and enjoying anything outdoors.